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Free Workshop

Take The First Step...

Are you ready to begin your journey but don't know where to start?

The New Power Activation is the perfect introduction to the New Power movement, available on-demand to fit around your schedule and at your fingertips for you to revisit whenever you need a refresher.

The New Power Activation is the kick-off training program of The New Power Academy, available for on-demand download. Watch and practice in your time, your space, on your terms.

This Activation Will:

Reveal some of the cultural lies that have kept women in the Good-Girl jail for centuries.

Give you tools to understand & undo guilt, shame and other self-harming voices.

Introduce you to the transformative power of your emotions. 

Guide you toward your desires - the foundation of your life-force. 


Teach you about the incredible power of sisterhood.  

May who I am
awaken and inspire you to see who YOU are

Dr.  Neta Fleiderman is the Founder and CEO of The New Power Academy

Neta has nearly two decades of experience as a Holistic Psychologist, supporting healing, providing psychotherapy, teaching, supervising and holding safe containers.

She is the definition of a powerful woman. She is a Mother, a Lover of life and a Free- Woman.


She has spent thousands of hours working with strong, professional and successful women around challenges varying from the boardroom to the bedroom. She aims to teach all women the practice of recognizing invisible barriers and taking back their power.

Given her extensive therapeutic experience, Neta has developed a unique formula using an integration of teaching and experiential practice that translates neuroplasticity into a transformational school of New Power. 

The New Power Activation course was designed by Neta to be the perfect introduction for every woman to

The New Power Movement.

How Does It Work?

The New Power Activation contains 4 juicy modules, powerful, practical exercises and inspiring guided meditations all led by Dr. Neta

Discover the 4 core pillars of the New Power Movement:

How to Work with Your Critical Voice

We are carrying generations of women's shame. Confront your inner critic and the shame & guilt it manifests, work on undoing these other harmful voices.

The Special Codes of Your Life Force

Your desires are nature's plan for your future self - Neta shows you how discover and nurture your desires so that you can unlock your passions and turn on your inner light.

The Power of 

Learn how we were conditioned to tune down our emotions and the freeing power of accepting, experiencing and unlocking how we feel.

The Sisterhood

Discover the power of sisterhood and how we can break down the walls together. A world in which women master the new power and impact the world in all the ways they dream of.

Don't wait, take back your power now.


"Neta is truly a powerful psychologist, medicine woman and healer. She would take anyone into the journeying to find healing in themselves, LIVE life with meaning and purpose, and hold a light for one to know one's humanness and authentic self. I have learnt from Neta how to nurture my feminine part, unconditional love, also to be in touch, and reconnect to myself as a  wild woman to connect with my instincts, intuition, raging anger, passionate creativity and wisdom..."

Isla (54)

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