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The New Power 


The New Power is both a movement and a method that creates extraordinary transformation, heals trauma and magnetises the life of your dreams.

It's a practical method of moving from a surviving lifestyle into a thriving era.  

This method will teach you how to take back your power in every aspect of your life: relationships, health, career or sexuality so you can feel amazing and live your desired life.

whether it be through Coaching, Workshops, or the Live Online Community, The New Power is committed to helping individuals create a life they love.

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My New Power Story

In the unfolding chapters of my life, I found myself living out the hetero-normative success story that society had outlined for me. Armed with a PhD in Psychology, I built a thriving practice as a Clinical Psychologist, while simultaneously nurturing what appeared to be a picture-perfect family life. Yet, beneath the surface, a profound sense of disconnection and exhaustion gnawed at me.

In the rare moments of solitude, I grappled with the realization that I had been playing a role dictated by societal norms, sacrificing my own desires and needs in the pursuit of an idealized version of success. It was a realization that led me to embark on a journey of self-discovery, a journey back home to myself.

I made the courageous decision to leave behind the familiar and venture to the other side of the world, seeking solace and purpose in the unknown. What awaited me was a transformative odyssey of healing and self-reclamation. Guided by an unwavering commitment to listen to the whispers of my soul, I delved into practices that resonated with my deepest essence.

From Tantra and Sex Magic to Shamanic Healing and Plant Medicine journeys in Costa Rica, I explored realms of consciousness and unearthed layers of my being that had long lain dormant. I embraced my wild feminine nature, learning to dance with vulnerability and authenticity, even in the face of discomfort.

As I journeyed deeper into the recesses of my soul, I discovered a profound truth: that our desires are nature's GPS, guiding us toward our true purpose. With each step toward awakening my authentic self, opportunities for transformation and growth unfolded before me.

I found myself leading wellness workshops for corporations, offering the transformational tools I had embodied on my journey. I embraced creativity in ways I had never imagined, writing poetry and recording spoken word tracks that flowed effortlessly from my soul.

Yet, this journey was not without its challenges. Relationships, habits, and patterns that no longer served me needed to be released, often requiring a period of grieving and honouring my pain. But through it all, I learned to embrace the full spectrum of my emotions, recognizing them as valuable signposts on the path to self-discovery.

Today, as I stand in the fullness of my truth, I am a beacon of empowerment and transformation for others. My mission is clear: to help individuals reclaim their authentic selves, honour their desires, and live lives of purpose and fulfilment.


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Why Work With Me?

My life's journey, navigating grief, heartbreak, anxious attachment, and functioning depression, alongside two decades of specialising in trauma healing as a holistic psychologist and psychotherapist, has evolved me into the teacher, guide and empowered liberated wild woman I am today.The dedication to be a student of love and life by trying everything at least once- from experiencing numerous healing modalities to practising open relationships and sitting in plant medicine ceremonies, interwoven with my own healing journey and growth, has equipped me with the tools to skillfully address my client's individual needs with compassion and expertise rooted in practicality. Over time, I've had the privilege of working with diverse individuals and groups from various backgrounds and organizations, investing countless hours in therapy and coaching sessions, and group workshops with individuals, couples, and professionals alike.Through my work, I integrate powerful practices towards healing our wounds and tapping into the highest version of ourselves, supporting individuals' transformation in reclaiming their power and fulfilment needed to thrive in modern times. I practise fierce love toward myself and whoever I work with. I walk the talk and practise what I teach. I learnt how to hold my own heart and connect with my soul, so I can teach everything I’ve learnt and hold space for enormous pain and suffering for others. My work is my greatest gift and expression of love.

I guide humans ready to work towards healing and transformation they didn't think possible ✨

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Choose the container that works for you and begin your journey of reclaiming your power.

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