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Wish to become the wild, badass woman you are meant to be?

Choose the coaching program that resonates with you!


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The New Power Coaching programs are designed to fit any and every kind of woman. The 1:1 Coaching is available in single sessions, 3-month and 6-month packages, tailored to your needs.

You will work directly with Dr Neta over Zoom, to suit your busy schedule.

There are 5 different packages for you to choose from, with the possibility of tailoring your own unique package:

The Queen

The New Power Coaching for Dating & Relationships:

What if you could learn how to date the people who complement your higher self, not date for validation and waste your time, compromising for crumbs? 

What if you could take your power back in relationships, show up with your authentic self, ask for what you need and want, create a safe-conscious relationship and break free from the Good-Girl(friend) Jail?

If this makes your HEART EXPAND - this is your 1:1 journey! 

The Badass

The New Power Coaching for Leadership & Management:

What if you could lead with both vulnerability and confidence? 

What if you could learn how to step into your badass self and lead from a combination of heart and head? 

What if you no longer need to hide or be ashamed of your low moments, insecurities and imperfect parts? 

If this is an OMG YES, you know this is your journey!

The Goddess

The New Power Coaching for Redefining Pleasure & Sexuality:

What if you could use your pleasure to boost your life-force?

What if you could connect with your feminine essence and have a mind-blowing sex?  

What if the sex-education you were taught was just wrong?

What if you could break free from the 'Madonna-Whore Complex' social conditioning and tap into your wild feminine nature?

If this is a FUCK YES , 

it is time to take the next step!

The Warrior

The New Power Coaching for Taking No Shit & Setting Boundaries:

What if you could comfortably say NO when things don't sit within your boundaries?

What if you could utilise your anger to assertiveness? 

What if you would no longer be anxious about disappointing people or ashamed of being talked about? 

If this gives you an ADRENALINE RUSH, you know it is calling you!

The Nurturer

The New Power Coaching for Undoing Shame & Guilt and Practicing Unconditional Self-Love:

What if you discovered the LOVE you've been looking for all your life is within reach?

What if you could practice radical acceptance toward all your vulnerable parts you are ashamed of?

What if you could break-free from shame & guilt? What if you knew how to nurture yourself?

If this feels like a WARM HUG, this is your next right step!

I can't wait to work with you, sister goddess!
I'm so excited to walk you into the most powerful version of yourself
Let's tailor your journey


  • Available Online

    Let's connect and fine-tune your New Power 1:1 coaching journey

    30 min


"Neta is truly a powerful psychologist, medicine woman and healer. She would take anyone into the journeying to find healing in themselves, LIVE life with meaning and purpose, and hold a light for one to know one's humanness and authentic self. I have learnt from Neta how to nurture my feminine part, unconditional love, also to be in touch, and reconnect to myself as a  wild woman to connect with my instincts, intuition, raging anger, passionate creativity and wisdom..."

Isla (54)

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